with love on a nightmare day

Friends, I could say so many things this morning. My heart and stomach have been lurching since yesterday; oh, I have done much gazing at horizons, at beautiful skies and clean peaceful winds, as if I might draw from them hope, just like people have done for millennia - hope given by the coming sun, the enduring moon! I did have the opportunity to join a public march, but decided in the end to use my precious time working on projects of a quieter, deeper protest.
All over the world, people are refusing today's situation by marching, praying, writing, gardening, watching romance movies. I only hope that, whatever they choose to do, they choose it mindfully. I believe vehemently in protest, in the positive forces of anger and refusal. Many times in my life I have stood up with a banner waving. But today is so profound that, for lots of reasons, it felt most right for me personally to dedicate it to my own priorities of love.

Here are some links which I hope give you happiness, comfort, wisdom, and inspiration at this terrible hour of history.

Go well. The world is not broken, the world is a wild garden in need of protectors, flower experts, dreamers to name its weeds and learn their medicines, shooers-away of vermin, earthsingers, bean growers, water diviners, sitters in the sunlight, night dancers, children laughing to make the plants shake with their own delight, fertiliser mixers, sweepers, planners, poets. The world will always be a wild garden. What we ourselves will be is our choice.